Marshall DSL5C Combo
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Marshall DSL5C Combo

Buizenversterker Combo 5watt

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The DSL5C combo combines distinct DSL tone with incredible versatility. It gives you an all-valve signal path, three ECC83 and one 12BH7/ECC99, with two channels: Classic and Ultra Gain, for brilliant clean tones, sweet crunches and saturated distortions.

The excellent practical features of the DSL5C combo make it ideal for playing live, recording and rehearsing: a high/low Power switch drops the DSL5C from 5 Watts to 1 Watt, maintaining rich tone at lower volumes; also on the back panel are Headphone/Emulated Line Out, Audio In, and an extension speaker socket to expand your sound and a series FX Loop.

The DSL5C is supplied with a single button channel footswitch, and is loaded with a Celestion Ten-30 speaker.

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