Monster Monster Acoustic 12 Rechte Jacks 3,65M
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Monster Monster Acoustic 12 Rechte Jacks 3,65M

Monster Monster Acoustic 12 Rechte Jacks 3,65M

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Kabel voor akoestische gitaar, lengte 3,65 mtr. 2x rechte jack.Monster

Rock™ Instrument Cable • MicroFiber® inner dielectric provides better

isolation of magnetic fields for improved harmonic detail. • Multiple Time Correct® windings phase align signal for natural reproduction of midrange frequencies. • 24k 1/4 inch gold contact connectors with collar strain relief are durable and corrosion resistant. • Extra-flexible Duraflex® outer jacket for superior reliability and cut resistance. • IsoTec® vibration isolation technology further reduces handling noise.Patented Technologies Help You Deliver the Power and Full Impact of Your Tone Unlike

-ordinary cable, Monster Rock™ uses patented technologies to accent the

-raw power of your sound so it cuts through the mix: Monster is advanced

-coaxial design preserves fast transients, clean highs and vivid

-harmonics while patented multiple gauge wire networks enhance your

-guitar s sonic bite. A solid core center conductor provides tighter bass

-response, plus an extra-dense braided shield and carbon-infused

-dielectric minimize interference and hum. Monsters 24k gold contact

-ergonomic connectors

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